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2 Reasons Why You May Need to Reopen Your AZ Workman’s Compensation Claim

AZ Workman's Compensation law specialist - client attorney meetingWhile we are sure you want nothing more than to recover quickly from your injury and move on, there are some instances where that is not possible. In these situations, you may find the need to reopen your AZ Workman’s Compensation claim.

Reason #1—Need for Further Active Care

Recovering from an injury does not always go as planned. In fact, there are times that once your treatment has concluded, your physician may determine that you need further active care. In this case, if your claim has been closed by a notice of claim status that was issued more than 90 days ago and this notice is now final you may have the right to reopen your AZ Workman’s’ Compensation claim.

Reason #2—Deterioration or Newly Discovered Condition

The nature or severity of your injury may have gone undiscovered or unnoticed for quite some time. In some situations, your condition may actually take a turn for the worse, even if you have been receiving ongoing medical care, such that you need something done to improve your condition, such as surgery. If your condition deteriorates or a new condition is discovered that requires care or you know have an additional permanent impairment, you may attempt to reopen you claim.

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