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5 Reasons To Contact A Social Security Disability Attorney

Workplace injuries are a common occurrence. In some cases, the injuries are so serious that the injured person is not able to work either temporarily or permanently. Everyone has a right to social security disability benefits to help in paying the bills and meeting medical costs. Having a social security disability attorney represent you increases your chances of a successful claim. Below are five reasons why contacting a social security disability attorney is a great move:

Little Money is Required Upfront

In social security disability claims, attorneys usually don’t charge any fees upfront. Most law firms don’t even require a deposit at all and only get paid if the claim results in the payment of benefits.

Minimal Legal Fees

Compared to other disciplines, attorneys specializing in social security disability charge very low fees. Most claims are handled under the Fee Agreement process, which limits fees to the lessor of 25% of the past due benefits or $6,000, if a favorable decision is obtained as a result of the first hearing.


Many people don’t have the necessary legal knowledge to initiate and successfully present a social security disability case. That’s where attorneys come in. Experienced attorneys are knowledgeable about the relevant issues and can help develop evidence that is critical to prevailing on a claim.  They can help you prepare for your testimony and providing important information when answering questions from the judge.

All the Work Will Be Done for You

Hiring an attorney is like running the case on autopilot. The attorney will do most of has to be done for you, including collecting the necessary medical documents (in addition to your doctor’s opinion) to prove your injury. They’ll then submit it before the court and use every known legal method to get your claim approved.

Follow Up

The attorney’s job does not end with the approval of the claim. It extends beyond that to ensuring that you receive all your due. If you’ve been injured at work and are filing for social security disability, contact Schiffman Law Office  today.  We’ve handled thousands of claims successfully for clients with over 90 years of combines Social Security Disability experience.  Let us help you.

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