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5 Reasons VETS Should Apply For Social Security Disability

Veterans seeking legal advice from a social security disability attorney may be advised to apply for social security disability benefits, for a few good reasons.

1. Two Types of Benefits
Veterans who qualify for social security disability benefits will receive them, as well as any veterans benefits they may already be receiving. They are able to get both types, without a penalty on either side.

2. Access to Medicare
Veterans who qualify for social security disability benefits will also be eligible for Medicare, which can improve health treatment options. Instead of being restricted to what is available through the VA, veterans can go through the Medicare system instead, opening more doors to doctors.

3. Benefits for Other Family Members
Veterans’ children may be eligible for a benefit through the social security disability system. If you have dependents under the age of 18 they will likely qualify for a monthly payment which will continue until they are of adult age and, if disabled, perhaps longer.

4. Service-Related Disabilities can be Expedited
If you have a disability that is connected to your service time in some way, you may be able to expedite your social security disability claim through filing a critical request evaluation sheet. This means your case will be looked at sooner, getting you the benefits you deserve.

5. You Don’t Have to do it Alone
If the only thing holding you back from applying for benefits is the confusion and hassle of actually setting up a claim, you do not need to worry. Getting legal advice from a social security disability attorney is a great way to get started, and qualified, experienced lawyers are more than happy to work with their clients to generate good results.

Veterans dealing with disabilities and injuries can benefit from the social security disability system, greatly. It starts with getting legal advice from a good attorney experienced in the field of social security disability, and setting up a claim from there. With a successful claim you can increase the amount of benefits you receive, gain better access to healthcare, and help support your family even if you are unable to work. There is not a lot to lose by applying for social security disability, but a lot to gain, so talk to a social security disability attorney as soon as you can.

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