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5 Steps to Take If You’ve Been Denied Disability Benefits Under the Arizona Workers’ Compensation Act

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If you were hurt on the job, you may be entitled to disability benefits. However, it’s not always easy to acquire these benefits. In fact, you may be more likely to get denied than you may think. Should you face rejection when applying for benefits, here are 5 steps you can take next.

  1. Don’t panic. An initial rejection isn’t the end. You may still be eligible. So relax.  You do have appeal rights.
  2. If you haven’t seen a doctor, get to one. You need a complete evaluation from your doctor at the earliest time possible. Your employer will likely try to get you to see their doctor. You are required to see a doctor at the employer or its insurance carrier’s request for at least one exam.  However, except for employers that have a plan approved by the Industrial Commission of Arizona, you are not required to treat with the doctor selected by your employer or its carrier.  To help establish the nature of your injury it is preferable to get in to see a doctor that you choose as soon as possible.  An attorney can help you select a doctor that is appropriate to evaluate your type of injury.
  3. Gather all your facts. The quicker you get all your facts down on paper for the purpose of reviewing with an attorney the less likely you are to forget exactly what happened.
  4. Find an experienced attorney. Make sure the attorney you call is experienced in workers’ compensation.
  5. Schedule your free consultation. Meet with your lawyer and find out how they can help.

The main thing is, don’t panic! Help is out there. Just visit Schiffman Law Office, P.C.

More on Appealing Your Claim

If your claim for Social Security disability benefits has been denied, the first thing you should do is relax. You are in good company. Most claimants are denied when they first apply. However, through persistence and timeliness most of them eventually are approved. Watch this video from a Phoenix disability attorney to learn the three ways to appeal your claim.


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