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A Guide To The Social Security Disability Evaluation By An Arizona Disability Attorney

Under disability law, physicians should use the Disability Evaluation Under Social Security guidelines, sometimes known as the blue book, to evaluate their patients for disabilities.

Disability Evaluation Under Social Security gives healthcare practitioners an understanding of the social security disability program, as well as information they can provide to help social security make their decisions on claims.

Disability Evaluation Under Social Security includes a listing of impairments for both adults and children. The blue book sets out the requirements for the severity of symptoms, clinical findings, and lab tests for each impairment to be considered for an automatic approval.

Work experience, age, education, and work skills are also considered for social security disability claims.

Your healthcare practitioner and/or social security disability lawyer can help you determine if you meet the requirements of a listing in the book. If you are missing some of the information, like lab tests, you can proactively work to obtain complete documentation to make your claim finish up faster.

If your impairment does not meet all of the requirements for automatic approval under disability law the claims examiner can look at the option of your impairments being considered equivalent to a similar listing. Or, if you have a combination of impairments that are not severe enough individually but combined equal another Listing, you should be granted benefits.

A disability attorney can help you greatly with this process, as it can be challenging to prove that an impairment or impairments equal the Listings. Your social security disability lawyer should know the blue book well, and has the insider information you need to make social security disability evaluation work in your favor.

Even if your condition is not listed in the Disability Evaluation Under Social Security guidelines, if you and your disability attorney can prove that the condition or impairment you have affects your ability to work to a severe degree, thereby preventing sustained work, or that they meet a rule under the Medical-Vocational Guidelines, you can receive benefits.

There are a high number of different paths to receiving social security disability benefits, depending on your specific disability/condition. This is why it is so important to get help from your social security disability lawyer, who knows all of the steps that can be taken, and how to best document your disability and prove that you deserve access to social security disability benefits.  Contact the lawyers at Schiffman Law Office, P.C., for experienced representation.

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