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A Phoenix Workers Compensation Attorney Explains Why The Pain In Your Neck May Be More Serious

A pain in your neck is not just an annoyance, particularly if you have been injured while at work. This type of injury can point to a much more serious problem that calls for medical attention and the assistance of a State Bar of Arizona Board Certified workers compensation attorney.

What might seem like a cramp or crick in your neck may be much worse. It is possible to experience nerve problems in that area, as well as bulging or herniated disks, sprains or strains, a soft tissue injury, or a degenerative disease. Even something that appears to be a minor problem can turn out to be a much larger issue over time, so your inability to work may not be immediate.

Whether or not you feel immediate pain or it develops later, neck pain can seriously hinder your ability to work. This type of pain poses huge problems and can worsen without rest, so it is very important to seek medical attention immediately from a physician knowledgeable about your condition upon experiencing a neck injury. A doctor should be able to narrow down what, exactly, has caused your pain, and what treatment is necessary.

If you have been injured at work and a doctor recommends treatment, regardless of whether you need to take time off, filing a workers compensation claim is a good way to ensure you are able to keep up with medical bills and other expenses.  And, if you are unable to do your job, a workers compensation claim can also make up for a portion of your lost wages while you are unable to work, so it is important to hire a workers compensation attorney and get started filing a claim as soon as possible after a neck injury.  In the case of death, workers’ compensation benefits are payable to the spouse and children and/or other dependents.

Presenting a claim after being injured at work can be a very complicated and scary process to undergo.  That’s why it often makes good sense to consult with a State Bar of Arizona Board Certified workers compensation attorney, as he or she can make it easier to navigate the system.

A neck injury is not something to ignore and is most certainly a problem worth discussing with a workers compensation attorney. Do not play around with your health, and your ability to file a workers compensation claim. Talk to an attorney early after an injury so that you can more accurately evaluate your claim.  You can then decide if you need someone to advocate on your behalf to ensure your neck injury translates into a fair outcome on your workers compensation claim.

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