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Adjusters: Taking Your Statement

Arizona personal injury lawyer Gavel on whiteAfter you call in your claim, an Arizona personal injury lawyer may explain the process that follows. A claims adjuster may be called in to investigate. However, your Arizona personal injury lawyer may alert you to common tricks that these adjusters may use in order to quickly settle your claim for less than you deserve. One common trick is to get you to give a statement to the insurance company.

Purpose of a Statement

Your Arizona personal injury lawyer can explain the importance of a statement by a claims adjuster. Statements help the adjusters investigate claims and gather pertinent information about them. Ultimately, statements can help motivate an adjuster to pay a claim, negotiate a settlement or deny a claim.

Acquiring a Statement

Claims adjusters often want a signed statement. An Arizona personal injury lawyer can also explain the importance of an adjuster having a statement in hand with your signature. This type of statement is usually procured by an adjuster asking a variety of questions and writing in the responses from your perspective. After the claims adjuster finishes the question and answer session, he or she will ask you to read over the statement and make any corrections. Sometimes, claims adjusters will ask claimants to sign a clause that states that the claimant has read all of the applicable pages and attests to the truthfulness of the answers.

Acquiring a Recorded Statement

Your Arizona personal injury lawyer may also explain that some claims adjusters will acquire different types of statements. Another common type of statement that an Arizona personal injury attorney is accustomed to dealing with in personal injury cases is a recorded statement. This type of statement is made when the claims adjuster creates an audio recording of the conversation between the claims adjuster and the claimant. Your Arizona personal injury attorney may explain that these statements can sometimes be made in person, but they are often made via telephone. Some claims adjusters prefer to use this method as it decreases travel time necessary to take a statement in person. As such, your Arizona personal injury lawyer is likely more accustomed to dealing with recorded statements than written ones.

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