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Arizona Workers’ Compensation—The Facts

Arizona Workers' compensation attorneyArizona workers’ compensation is a system that allows injured workers to receive benefits after a work-related injury. Understanding the facts about Arizona workers’ compensation is important if you want to receive the full compensation that the law provides.

Need to Know Info

Arizona workers compensation benefits are paid any time a work injury occurs. You can receive compensation if the work-injury happened in an accident. You may also be compensated if you develop a repetitive stress condition such as developing carpal tunnel as a result of doing work on an assembly line. If you are working and suffer exposure to some type of chemical or toxin that makes you sick, you may also become eligible for Arizona workers’ compensation benefits.

The types of Arizona workers’ compensation benefits available to you after a work injury will depend upon the injury and the extent of the harm you experienced. You’ll always have full medical bills paid. You may also get temporary disability benefits or permanent disability benefits. These are available if you can no longer work or may be available if you earning power is reduced as a result of injury. An Arizona workers’ compensation attorney can help you to better understand Arizona workers’ compensation facts and can assist you in determining what benefits you may receive. To speak to an experienced attorney, call an Arizona Workers’ compensation attorney at Schiffman Law Office, P.C. at (602) 235-0539 for a free consultation today!

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