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Why You Should Not Believe What the Insurance Company Tells You

Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney Beware of the insurance adjuster who tells you that you don’t need to consult a Phoenix personal injury attorney regarding your personal injury claim. Insurance adjusters have an interest in keeping your Phoenix personal injury attorney out of the picture.

  • With an attorney involved, your claim will stay open for longer and might enter litigation;
  • The claim will be more complicated to handle as all of the adjuster’s communications must go through your Phoenix personal injury lawyer; and
  • The final price tag of your claim will probably go up.

The performance of insurance adjusters is evaluated based on how quickly they are able to “turn over” cases. Just as you probably have performance evaluations and criteria for earning raises and promotions as part of your job, so too do insurance adjusters have reasons for wanting cases to turn over quickly. The less expensive the claim and the quicker it is resolved, the better. A dedicated Phoenix personal injury attorney stands in the way of this.

Common Adjuster Tactics

As a result, you might find that the adjuster is using various tactics to try to get you to refrain from consulting a Phoenix personal injury lawyer. You might hear something like:

  • Your claim will be worth the same amount with or without a Phoenix personal injury attorney;
  • If you don’t have a lawyer, we will be able to communicate directly and more effectively;
  • The claims process will be slowed down if you hire a Phoenix personal injury attorney;
  • The attorney will take the majority of your recovery. Why would you give a Phoenix personal injury attorney that much when we can work together directly?
  • I’m looking out for you.

Don’t take these claims at face value. The adjuster is just looking out for himself or herself and wants to get your case off the desk as soon as possible without having to deal with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer. One insurance company even faced fallout with state insurance regulators because they had distributed a brochure to personal injury claimants arguing that they had no reason to hire an attorney.

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