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Can I Collect Social Security Disability and Pension?

The quick answer is no. In the United States, an individual cannot collect two social
security benefits at the same time except in very special circumstances.
Under normal circumstances, if you are collecting your pension, you will not be eligible
to receive your social security disability benefits and vice versa. This is because both
are meant as sources of income to people who cannot work anymore due to various
reasons. Retirement benefits are meant for people who leave their jobs after having
reached the retirement age (which vary from state to state) and thus are not able to
receive their salary. Social Security Disability benefits, on the other hand, are for those
who have been forced into early permanent or temporary retirement due to injury.
Bottom line, both benefits are intended to make life easier for the beneficiary and enable
them to meet their daily financial obligations long after they leave employment.
The Exception
As previously mentioned, it is hard, but possible to receive both pension and social
security disability benefits at the same time. When you take advantage of the early
retirement plan before applying for social security disability, you are more likely to receive
both simultaneously if your claim is approved. However, if you suffer from an
injury long before you hit the minimum retirement age and your social security disability
is approved later, you won’t be eligible to receive your pension once you get to
retirement age. Social security disability is similar to a retirement plan, with the
difference being you don’t have to reach a certain age. In the event that you qualify
to receive both of them, you will not receive double benefits. According to Social
Security guidelines, the two benefits will be aligned so you only receive your entitled
retirement benefits and not more. Nonetheless, there are a few other benefits that
you can apply for when you lose your job due to injury which won’t affect your social
security disability check. A good example is Supplemental Security Income (SSI), meant
for the elderly, blind, and the disabled. The plan is run by both federal and state
governments and is open for everyone who falls within the categories listed.
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