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Car Accident Injuries During the Holidays

While traffic safety is important all year round, it’s something that you should focus on even more so during the holidays. Car crashes tend to go up during the holidays for a number of reasons, including that many people end up drinking and driving. It’s why the highest number of car accidents happen during Memorial Day.

However, the car crash rate is high during winter holidays as well. In some parts of the country, it’s due to the weather. While snow and ice rarely strike in Phoenix, our roads are especially slippery after rain. The amount of traffic increases during the winter holidays, which certainly does play a factor. The following are a few safety tips to help you avoid getting into a car accident during the holidays:

  • Don’t drive while fatigued – Around 21 percent of fatal crashes occur because the driver fell asleep or was falling asleep. If you’re too tired to drive, don’t.
  • Don’t drive too close to the car in front of you – Around 23 to 30 percent of all crashes are rear-end collisions. Leave some space between you and the vehicle ahead.
  • Drive carefully – A lot of drivers overestimate their skills. Around 5 percent of crashes result from taking corners too fast, while two percent happen because drivers don’t slow down for water on the road.
  • Pay attention – There are a lot of distractions these days, especially with our reliance on smartphones. Such distractions can cause drivers to wander from their lanes. Pay attention to the road when you drive at all times.

These are a few tips that will help you drive safely during the holidays when car accidents tend to go up. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, then be sure to hire a car accident lawyer right away by contacting us at Schiffman Law Office at 602-235-0539 today.

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