Protect Your Worker Rights with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Arizona

It is a cold, hard fact—when you get hurt in the line of duty, you have rights under Arizona law. As unfortunate as it may seem, “the system” does not always want to grant you these rights. Sometimes it takes a real fight to get the compensation you need and that you are entitled to […]

Your AZ Workers’ Compensation Case

When you were hurt at work and filed your AZ workers’ compensation claim, your company may have supported you in every way possible. They could have even apologized that you got hurt on the job. But as time went on, you sensed less empathy and more anxiety on the part of your employer. Now, after […]

Dealing with the Pitfalls of an Arizona Workers’ Compensation Claim

To successfully navigate the system of Arizona Workers’ Compensation, you often need an attorney, especially with serious injuries that limit your ability to perform your usual work for extended periods of time. One of the reasons is our good human nature—we often just assume that everything will turn out for the best. This is evidenced […]

2 Reasons Why You May Need to Reopen Your AZ Workman’s Compensation Claim

While we are sure you want nothing more than to recover quickly from your injury and move on, there are some instances where that is not possible. In these situations, you may find the need to reopen your AZ Workman’s Compensation claim. Reason #1—Need for Further Active Care Recovering from an injury does not always […]