Insurance Company Starts Using Robots to Decide Personal Injury Claims

Automation seems to be propagating across every industry. Now, a company in Sweden is handling claims using artificial intelligence. According to the chairman at Zurich Insurance, automated claims take seconds and are more accurate than determinations made by human workers. The technology uses machine learning to advance its accuracy. However, with increased efficiency comes concerns […]

Workers’ Compensation: Is Your Injury or Illness Work-Related?

Workers’ compensation helps cover an injury or illness caused by conditions at work. Some instances are rather cut and dry. If you are significantly injured by a meat slicer while working inside of a sandwich shop, this is a work-related injury. If a hammer falls from scaffolding and strikes your shoulder, causing it to break, […]

Preventing Work-related Injuries: Standing on the Job

What comes to mind when a work related injury topic comes up? Well, chances are that you think of equipment and accident related injury. Very few people spare thoughts on harsh working conditions that are so common they have turned into a norm. Injury and conditions related to standing on the job for long hours […]

Common construction injuries that get workers’ comp

Accidents happen on any job site. However, construction accidents are more likely to lead towards potential injuries. With proper safety precautions, it is possible to reduce the number of construction injuries annually, but it will never completely avoid  the injuries all together. Understanding what the most common construction injuries that receive workers’ compensation is important […]

The Work-Related Injury Blue Collar Workers Need to Watch Out For

A lot of folks think that when you get hurt on the job, it means something came crashing down on you, or you fell off a ladder. However, when you start developing injuries that a related to your job, which can consist of soar writs, achy knees, swollen joints, or even a stiff back this […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries Remain Common for Construction Workers

Traumatic brain injuries are a significant medical concern. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke  (NHINDS) explains that a traumatic brain injury occurs when the head sustains damage caused by taking a hit, blow or related similar occurrence. A traumatic brain injury or a TBI can cause a significant amount of symptoms and impairments and […]

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Certified Specialists in Workers Compensation. Experience, Commitment

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Certified Specialists in Workers Compensation. Experience, Commitment

Proving You Can’t Do a Sedentary Job

If you are under 50 years old, you will likely need to prove that you aren’t able to perform sedentary jobs in order to get approved for disability benefits. Even though it may be difficult to show that you can’t meet the demands of most sedentary jobs, you don’t need to be totally incapacitated to […]