All about Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Work related injuries and accidents are more common than you might think. In fact, millions of workers are hurt on the job each year, and some are left unable to work for an extended period. Phoenix workers’ comp attorneys will tell you that Workers’ Compensation Benefits come into play when an employee is injured and […]

10 Questions Car Accident Attorneys Ask Clients

If you’ve been injured as the result of a car accident, the first order of business is to seek medical attention. As soon as that’s out of the way, though, you need to hire an Arizona accident lawyer. The sooner you line up qualified representation from a skilled Arizona accident lawyer, the sooner you’ll be […]

Are You Likely to Qualify for Social Security Benefits?

Will your Social Security disability application be approved? Answer the four questions in this video to assess whether you will be approved for benefits. If you still have questions about your application, contact a Phoenix social security disability attorney for guidance.

Testifying about Pain and Other Symptoms

When describing your pain or other symptoms of your injury, it’s important to tell the truth and give detailed descriptions of your pain to the judge. Remember these 10 tips and get the preparation you need to give effective answers. If you have further questions consult with our Phoenix personal injury lawyers

What’s the Difference between Punitive Damages and Compensatory Damages?

If you’ve been injured due to another person’s negligence, seek medical care immediately. Once you’ve seen a doctor, you should hire a skilled Phoenix personal injury lawyer. This isn’t a matter of suing someone to rake in lots of money; it’s about receiving compensation for damages that you’ve sustained due to the incident. Without the help […]

Will You Lose Social Security Benefits While in Prison?

If you receive social security disability or supplemental security income benefits, you’re understandably protective of them. One of the best ways to ensure they continue without interruption is by having a skilled Phoenix disability lawyer by your side. If something happens and your SSI or SSDI end up in jeopardy, your Phoenix disability lawyer can help you […]

An Overview of Wrongful Termination

When you lose your job, you might feel embarrassed or discouraged. In some cases, the job loss is due to an unjust firing, and you might be able to take legal action against your former boss. Our Phoenix workers’ comp lawyer has helped clients reclaim back wages, punitive damages and related expenses as they looked […]

15 Tips for Giving a Good Deposition

Your deposition is one of the most important steps of your personal injury case. Watch the following video to learn about the 15 deposition tips that will help you get prepared for the process and maintain your composure under pressure in order to limit any mistakes.

A Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney Discusses The Slip And Fall Claim

A slip and fall accident can happen to anyone at any time. In this article, a Phoenix personal injury attorney outlines what to do if it should happen to you or someone you love. Common Cause of Injury In your Phoenix personal injury lawyers’ experience, almost 9 million emergency room visits occur because the injured person slipped […]

How to Prepare for Your Initial Meeting with an Attorney

  Clients of an Arizona social security disability lawyer frequently have questions as to what the attorney will tell them at the first meeting. What an Arizona Social Security Disability Lawyer Will Tell You in the Initial Meeting Your Arizona social security disability lawyer will tell you the following about meeting a doctor and gathering evidence: 1) […]