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Common construction injuries that get workers’ comp

Accidents happen on any job site. However, construction accidents are more likely to lead towards potential injuries. With proper safety precautions, it is possible to reduce the number of construction injuries annually, but it will never completely avoid  the injuries all together. Understanding what the most common construction injuries that receive workers’ compensation is important knowledge, not only for employees but for employers as well.

Falls and Falling Objects

It might sound simple, but falls are the most common form of construction injuries. Now, different kinds of falls may lead to workers’ compensation or none at all. It comes down to whether or not the employee is utilizing proper protocol and safety requirements. If they are not following proper regulations set forward by the construction company, this becomes more an accident they are at fault for, although it is a case by case basis. Generally speaking, falls can occur on a variety of surfaces, ranging from scaffolding to ladders and cranes, roofs and other elevated platforms.

Falling objects is the next most common form of injury that may lead to workers’ compensation. This is why it is imperative for all people on a construction site to wear a helmet. Falling objects can range from dropped harmers and spent nails from nail guns to timber, masonry material and nearly anything else. In more extreme cases it can be larger machinery. Paying attention whenever on a construction site is a must, as it can be a dangerous location.

Equipment Related

Certified operators should only be the ones using heavy machinery equipment. If someone who does not have the necessary certification is injured while using the machinery it can lead to potential lawsuits. Whenever it comes to equipment related accidents, it may be associated with a forklift failing, a railgun mishap or another possible problem. In the construction world there are many precautions that can be made in order to protect everyone on a job site. Following these precautions can lead to a reduction in injuries.

Repetitive Motion Injury

Physical labor can wear down the body, especially joints, such as knees, wrists and elbows. Repetitive motion of a given joint can cause muscle, tendon and ligament damage, which often leads to workers’ compensation.

While it is possible to injure yourself (or for an employee to injure themselves) on the job, these are the most common construction injuries that eventually lead to workers compensation.

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