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Dealing with the Pitfalls of an Arizona Workers’ Compensation Claim

Arizona Workers' Compensation claim - claim formTo successfully navigate the system of Arizona Workers’ Compensation, you often need an attorney, especially with serious injuries that limit your ability to perform your usual work for extended periods of time.

One of the reasons is our good human nature—we often just assume that everything will turn out for the best. This is evidenced by our feelings that everyone is looking out for our best interest.

But the sad reality is this: your company or its insurance carrier might be more concerned about its bottom line than your recovery. After all, the sooner it can close your claim, regardless of your medical condition, the less the nsurance company will have to pay.

It seems cold. But in most cases, it really is all about the money.

Your company must protect its assets. They likely report to stockholders and financial institutions, so it is understandable that the goal is to get your Arizona Workers’ Compensation claim closed as soon as possible.

But getting your claim closed  is not really the goal here. Or at least, it shouldn’t be. Getting you back to 100% is the real goal. Don’t short-change your progress.

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