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Does My Employer Have to Keep Paying My Health Insurance While I’m Out of Work?

If you’ve been injured on the job, you likely have a lot of unanswered questions. How will I continue to get paid? Will I be able to file a claim? Who will pay my medical bills while I’m out of work? Does my employer have to keep paying my health insurance while I’m not there?

Once you are injured at work, and are no longer working at your job, you will need to file a worker’s compensation claim. You can do this through the Industrial Commission of Arizona or ICA which oversees the worker compensation program in the state.

You are entitled to some kind of compensation when injured at work. If and when that happens, it is best to consult with a disability lawyer right away so you will have all of the information you need to move forward with the claims and eligibility forms you’ll need to file. You do have rights under the system, and you will want to know what those rights are.

Worker’s compensation offers you the opportunity of recovering the cost of your medical bills, as well as collecting disability and other benefits if you are eligible for them. Eligibility requirements include:

• An injury you received while at work or a work-related task, such as driving somewhere for your job and you’re in a traffic accident.
• Exposure to toxins at work. These include asbestos, mold and lead or any other substance which has led to an illness which can be directly linked to exposure to these chemicals.
• Development of a repetitive stress injury. If your job requires you to do a task repeatedly, this may lead to a condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome or other stress related injuries which you can claim compensation for.
• Mental conditions. These are eligible, but there are very specific rules and burdens of proof to meet. These are different from actual physical injuries.

Being disabled from work, doesn’t mean that your world must come crashing down. Speaking with a good disability lawyer will put you on the path to getting the worker’s compensation you need and deserve.

With respect to the impact of your injury on your employee benefits, including your health insurance, you will need to discuss this issue with an attorney who handles employment law issues as there are laws that address this issue.  This issue is not covered by or in any way affected by Arizona’s workers’ compensation act.

There are laws out there designed to protect you when you get injured on the job. If you have been injured at work and are looking for advice on your options, consult the disability lawyers at Schiffman Law Office, P.C., PC.

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