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Employers and Insurance Companies Have Lawyers, Here Is Why You Need A Workers Comp Attorney

You’ve been injured at work — of course, workers’ compensation law protects you, and you are eligible for disability benefits without a fight, right? Wrong! Employers and insurance companies employ a stable of lawyers who will argue your case down to its core, preventing you from accessing the benefits you deserve under workers’ compensation law. When you are up against employers and insurance companies, and their lawyers, you need a workers comp attorney on your side.

Trying to argue your case on your own, if you’ve been injured at work, is often a recipe for failure. When faced with the legal expertise of experienced attorneys who work in the interest of your employer or insurance company, you are simply outmatched and outnumbered. Unless you have a law degree yourself, and years of experience fighting cases under workers’ compensation law, you likely will not have the knowledge required to get a favorable result.

This is where an experienced workers’ comp attorney is so very valuable. By hiring a good lawyer, you are arming yourself with your best defense. While it may seem unfair to have to argue your case when you have already suffered by being injured at work, hiring a lawyer is simply the best way to ensure that everyone adheres to workers’ compensation law, and you get the best results possible.

Employers and insurance companies do not want to pay out benefits, or lose you as a worker. Their ideal outcome is to have you back at work, injured or not, receiving little to no compensation for your suffering. Those medical bills, lost wages and other problems you’ve encountered mean nothing to many companies, the insurers, or their attorneys.

Your own workers’ comp attorney, on the other hand, knows how important it is to seek recourse when you have been injured at work. An experienced workers’ comp attorney knows how to argue and prove your case so you can get the compensation you need to start rebuilding your life. With your own attorney helping you through the process, you are far more likely to have a good experience with the outcome you desire.

Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage if you have been injured at work. Hire an attorney experienced in workers compensation law to fight for your rights.  Our State Bar of Arizona Certified Specialists in Workers’ Compensation are available to assist you.  Contact Schiffman Law Office, P.C., P.C or call (602) 235-0539 to get started.

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