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Get Help From Your Arizona Accident Lawyer to Pay Your Bills

Arizona accident lawyer - medical files and stethoscopeRecovering from an accident will require you to focus on your treatment and remain in good spirits. You certainly don’t want to stress out over outstanding medical bills. As your Arizona accident lawyer begins the claim process, they might be able to help alleviate the pressure of those mounting expenses. This can be accomplished when your Arizona accident attorney opens a dialogue with your doctor and hospital informing them of the pending lawsuit.

Sticking With Your Treatment

As your Arizona accident lawyer will stress, it is vital that you continue with your post-accident recovery regimen even if you can’t afford the treatment. Following through with your prescribed physical therapy will prove the need for such treatment. That will have a huge impact on your settlement.

You’ll find that when your Arizona accident attorney contacts your healthcare providers they will be willing to continue treatment while your claim is being reviewed. Your Arizona accident lawyer will be able to set aside funds from the final settlement that will go directly to paying off your medical bills. This will usually satisfy the bill collectors.

Getting Money From the Defendant

Your Arizona accident lawyer will explain that the defendant’s insurance company won’t be eager to pay any medical expenses until the matter is completely resolved. This would be an admission of liability and that is something they want to avoid. This doesn’t mean your Arizona accident lawyer won’t be able to arrange for a settlement. However, the insurance company would rather make a single payment then a bunch of smaller payouts. You’ll just have to be patient and let the process play out.

Find Support With Your Arizona Accident Lawyer

If your Arizona accident lawyer has accepted your case, it is because they feel there is a good chance of winning a settlement. The attorneys working at the Schiffman Law Office, P.C. have been working in the personal injury field for several years. These are the Arizona accident attorneys that have a strong record of success for their clients. Find out if they can help you by calling their offices today at (602) 235-0539.

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