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Hi Alan, Brilliant! I am SO incredibly lucky to have you and your formidable team on my side. Your dissemination of my medical record is illuminating: I recall the physical misery endured through a haze of morphine and feeling confused and alone in dealing with my disability case. My priority at that time was in caring for my young daughter; my subsequent economic downfall was due to my inability to handle my (financial) affairs properly, paired with a lack of positive response from my family. I was pretty much on my own, and my world was falling apart. As I read through your brief, I realize that my treatment throughout the court situation wasn’t only unfortunate (as I needed stable representation), it was truly outrageous, supported by evidence and somehow centered on discrediting me personally for the purpose of not paying out disability monies. I am beyond feeling anger, but it does sadden me that I am certainly not the only disabled individual that has been treated so badly in the system. In my experience, chronic pain required most of my energy to simply endure; pain medication can lead to cognitive impairment and an inability to respond that can be easily misconstrued in such a way as to vilify and even discredit the individual. Thank-you so much for believing in and taking a chance on me and advocating on my behalf, as well as potentially setting a precedence to aid other future victims of the system. You definitely didn’t have to take my case, and I recall being an emotional mess during our interviews, but you accepted. I am truly indebted to you and I am so thankful. At this time, I am happy to tell you that I am totally off morphine and am moving forward in my plans to apply to graduate school for next fall as well as beginning to look for employment, after just completing a full time and a half school semester at xxx that ended in late October. I look forward to resolving the last bit of my SS case and putting it behind me. I am really amazed to see the synopsis of my case presented in print with such a high level of excellence; it means a lot to me personally and I feel vindicated whether we win or lose in court. You and your office are going on my list of what to be so thankful for this holiday season. Hope that you all have a terrific Thanksgiving!

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