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Have You Worked Enough to Qualify for Disability?

Getting social security disability insurance depends on how much you have worked, as this determines your insured status. The social security administration (SSA) will look at the number of quarters of coverage you have earned from your work in the years before filing to determine if you have contributed enough to the system to draw benefits from it.

To do this, SSA takes your earnings and converts them into work credits. In 2016, you have to earn $1,260 to get one work credit, or $5,040 to get the four maximum credits for the year.

The social security disability system is set up so that the older you are, the more work credits you need to qualify. You must pass two tests, the recent work test and the duration of work test. If you are 31 or older you must have worked five out of ten years, earning 20 credits in the 10 years before you sustained a disability.

If you are between age 21 and 30, you must have one-half the available credits since you turned 21.

The duration of work test is dependent on age, with older workers requiring more credits or years worked.

If you do not have enough work history to qualify for social security disability, you may still be able to draw benefits under the supplemental security income program.  To qualify for these benefits you must meet the indigency requirements of the law.

If you are trying to figure out if you qualify, it is a good idea to seek legal help from a social security disability attorney. A social security disability attorney is experienced with these requirements and his or her legal help can get you started on the right track. If you determine you have enough credits and hours to start a social security disability claim, an attorney can also assist you with that to ensure you are getting the benefits you deserve.

The social security disability insurance program can be complicated, especially when you are already dealing with the effects of an injury or disability. Getting legal help is the best way to navigate the system and make sure that you are completing everything properly, for the best chances of success with your claim. Do not hesitate to ask a lawyer for help with your disability claim.

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