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How to Deal With Workers’ Comp Problems

Work related injuries and problems are common in employment environments. When
injured, workers have to go through a complicated and often difficult compensation claim
process. The following approaches can boost the chances of being properly compensated
for an on-the-job injury.
Review Your Claim with a Lawyer
Lost wages and medical expenses are always a serious concern for someone when an on
the job injury occurs.  It is wise to know what your rights and obligations are when you
sustain an injury.  Then, if issues arise, you will know what steps you should take to
assure that your rights are protected.  While there can never be a guarantee that you will
receive what you are entitled to receive, knowing your rights is an important first step to
protecting your rights.
Claiming compensation without first getting professional legal help can jeopardize your
claim.  Know the pitfalls, so you can identify the issues before your claim is undermined.
Employers and their insurance carriers know how to limit their exposure.  Don’t fail to take
appropriate steps to protect yourself against their actions which can permanently undermine
your claim.  We are glad to provide a free consultation and information so you know your rights.
If you then need our assistance, we are usually willing to handle matters on a percentage fee
agreement.  These agreements often enable you to receive legal help and then pay only if
we assist you in obtaining benefits.
Understand the Laws
Although it is a requirement for employers across the fifty states to provide work injury
coverage to workers, there are significant differences between the benefits that are available
in the different States.  If you have an Arizona claim, you need to know what benefits are
available in Arizona.  Relying upon past experiences in other States or the experiences of
friends and relatives who have had claims in other States, can seriously jeopardize your rights.
We practice law in Arizona and we are glad to provide you info regarding the benefits
available under Arizona’s laws.
Settlements of Workers’ Compensation Claims
Arizona now allows for full and final settlements of workers’ compensation claims.  By such a settlement
an injured worker gives up the future right to any compensation and payment of medical expenses.  Before
entering into such a settlement, an injured worker should know precisely what she/he is giving up.  Don’t settle
without first reviewing your claim with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.  Insurance companies
are interested in their bottom line, not protecting you.  Given the possibility of exploitation by insurance carriers
and employers, it is important to review your matter with a lawyer experienced in evaluating claims and their
value.  Don’t go it alone.  Have a State Bar of Arizona board certified specialist oversee your out-of-court agreement.
Regardless of the option you decide to pursue, take action quickly. The expert legal team at Schiffman Law Office is
ready to help you act now.

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