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If You’re Depressed, You May Qualify For Social Security Disability

If you are depressed you may find it challenging or impossible to work. You are struggling with many day-to-day aspects of your life, and could be experiencing low energy, crushing sadness, and anxiety. Not many people feel like they can call in sick for mental health reasons, let alone be considered as disabled from work, but depression can be considered a disability under social security disability standards, meaning those with mental health conditions can actually be disabled from work and eligible to receive benefits.

Increasingly, mental health conditions like depression are being accepted as valid explanations for being disabled from work. Much like a physical problem, depression and other mental health issues prevent employees from meeting all of the needs of their jobs. But unlike something like a broken leg, a bad back, or a physical illness, mental conditions like depression can be harder to see, understand, and prove.

If you believe you are disabled from work due to depression, then, you should contact a social security disability lawyer to discuss filing a claim. While proving this kind of social security disability claim can be more challenging, it is certainly worthwhile, if you find yourself struggling to do your job.

Your social security disability lawyer will work with you to collect the evidence and documentation needed to submit your application and prove your claim. Documentation such as records from therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists, hospitalization records, pharmacy records, and emergency room visit records. It may also be useful to provide the results of any testing you’ve had done, including CT scans, MRIs and blood work. Be prepared to face some difficulty – you will need to file a lot of medical paperwork, and stand a good chance of being denied during your first attempt, and even on some steps of the appeals process.

Luckily, a good social security disability lawyer can make this process easier and quicker. The experience of a social security disability attorney is incredibly beneficial, especially when dealing with being disabled from work for mental health reasons. Your attorney can give you guidance and support as you work through the social security disability process, lending his or her expertise to your case.

If you are struggling with depression or another mental health condition there is no reason to suffer in silence, or to lose your job without any kind of backup plan for paying your bills and replacing lost income. Talk to a social security disability lawyer about filing a claim and becoming medically disabled from work, with benefits.

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