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In the News: Workplace Injury at Factories

Regulations concerning worker safety have vastly improved working conditions on factory floors since the birth of manufacturing. Still, even now, workers face conditions that can lead to accidents or long-term injuries. Repetitive motion, extreme temperatures, hazardous materials, and heavy machinery all create risk.

Recent Complaints About Working Conditions in US Factories

A recent law has been proposed to allow factories to slaughter more than the 140 chickens a minute they are currently allowed. This law is being considered because technology has made it easier to inspect chickens for diseases. However, this could also make the assembly line more dangerous for workers.

Additionally, hundreds of workers at a Tesla factory have been experiencing injuries and health issues. The workers claim these injuries result from unreasonable production demands, which Elon Musk denies.

Automation can help or hurt workers when it comes to preventing injuries on factory and warehouse floors. On the one hand, robots can perform tasks that may strain or injure humans. On the other hand, more heavy machinery could result in added risk. Fully autonomous robots are still in development, which means at this time, robots are accompanied by a human “trainer.”

Protection for Employees vs Employers

While workers’ compensation does help protect employees, it also protects employers. In cases such as these, they could increase production demands even if it puts their workers at risk because they are protected by the workers’ compensation agreement. They may lose employees to injury and may have to pay them compensation as a result, but the increase in production at their factories could compensate for labor-related cost issues.

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