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Information About Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Arizona Social Security disability attorney microphones on tableAfter you retain the services of a lawyer for your SSD case, you will learn about the duties of this professional. The Arizona Social Security disability attorney that represents you has duties before, during and after the hearing process. Here are a few of the duties that your attorney has.

Before the Hearing

First, the Arizona Social Security disability attorney that represents you must tell you about the process of the hearing to you. Your attorney will describe the setting and that it is not considered an adversarial hearing. Your Arizona Social Security disability lawyer will explain that the administrative law judge is the person who presides over the case. The administrative law judge is a neutral fact finder. The administrative law judge has the legal responsibility of fully inquiring into the issues related to your disability.

Before attending the hearing, your Arizona Social Security disability attorney will acquire certain information and then submit it to the administrative law judge. This information generally includes medical records, physician opinions and other evidence of your disability.

At the Hearing

The main duty that an Arizona Social Security disability attorney has at the hearing is to question witnesses. After your disability attorney questions you and other witnesses, the other side may put on witnesses of their own, such as a vocational expert. The Arizona Social Security disability attorney that represents you will then cross-examine these witnesses. Additionally, an Arizona Social Security disability attorney presents your case in a way that can effectively communicate how you are disabled and meet the SSA guidelines.

After the Hearing

If the Arizona Social Security disability attorney was not able to get certain evidence before the hearing, he or she may ask the judge to issue a subpoena. The attorney will then provide this information to the judge so that the judge has more information upon which to base his or her decision. Deadlines regarding evidence are not as strict in this setting as in others.

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