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Why Do Insurers Need Your Social Security Number?

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Upon being founded, the Social Security Administration established a system that required the use of nine-digit numbers for the purposes of identifying workers and to track the taxes they paid. As experienced Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers know, Social Security numbers, or SSNs, are now used by local, state and federal governments for a number of other purposes. They’re also routinely used by insurers, banks and other financial institutions.

Social Security Insurance Programs

The SSA administers a number of insurance programs. Although SSNs are used to streamline such programs, they are very complicated. Applicants are well-advised to hire experienced Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers to assist them. The largest such program, Federal Old-age, Survivors and Disability Insurance provides monthly cash payments to retirees based on their retirement age and lifetime earnings. Two health insurance programs, Medicaid and Medicare, are also administered by the SSA. SSNs are used extensively for all of these programs.

Insurers Use Social Security Numbers

Employers, banks and other financial institutions must use Social Security numbers to comply with federal law. As Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers can explain to you, other companies use them for identification purposes too. Health insurance companies, life insurance companies and medical providers, in particular, may use SSNs to identify and reimburse policyholders and to pay benefits to beneficiaries.

Technically, insurers can’t require people to provide their SSNs. If you refuse to do so, however, an insurer is within its rights to deny you services, and Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers and other attorneys can’t help in this regard. To stem the tide of identity theft, some companies have asked insurers to stop requiring SSNs. As experienced Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers can attest, you should think carefully before providing yours.

Applying for a Social Security Number

Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers routinely assist individuals who don’t have SSNs. If you’re one of them, you will need to submit form SS-5 to the SSA along with original documents proving citizenship, identity and age. Even the most experienced Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers can’t help you receive benefits if you don’t have an SSN. Also, if your child is applying, you must provide the same documents for him or her and provide yours as well. Even if you hire the most seasoned Phoenix Social Security disability attorneys, not having an SSN will bring the whole application process to a halt.

Hire Experienced Phoenix Social Security Disability Attorneys

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