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Is Your Employer Not Cooperating? Here Are 10 Tips From A Phoenix Workman’s Compensation Attorney

When you get injured at work you deserve compensation. Workers compensation laws (the Workers’ Compensation Act) gives every worker employed in Arizona certain rights and allows every injured worker (or the worker’s family in the case of death) to file a workers compensation claim, making up for a percentage of lost wages.

While you may believe the process should be simple, unfortunately many people who have been injured at work find the workers’ compensation process quite confusing and frustrating, with lots of rules that can negatively impact those who are injured. Relying upon information from friends or employers who do not fully understand the complexities of the workers’ compensation law, or upon information from employers or insurance carriers that choose to ignore parts of the law or interpret provisions for their own interests can have long term adverse consequences that make obtaining all the compensation permitted by the law impossible.

A State Bar of Arizona Board Certified Workers’ Compensation attorney can help you if you have been injured at work. Here are a few tips to get started if you are uncertain of your rights, want assistance in protecting your rights or if you believe either your employer or its insurance carrier are not being entirely forthright or helpful.

  1. Call the Industrial Commission of Arizona. Its staff may be able to provide you some general info that will give you a better idea of how the law is supposed to work.
  2. Contact a State Bar of Arizona Board Certified Workers’ Compensation attorney to learn your rights and hire the lawyer if it appears there is a benefit to you in doing so. Your lawyer can help you determine what steps need to taken to protect your rights and help you have confidence that you are doing things correctly.
  3. Keep an eye on the time limits — you are required to submit paperwork in a timely manner, and if you fail to do so you may seriously damage your claim, including having your claim precluded, having your compensation paid at too low a rate for the entire claim or preventing you from receiving the care you need.
  4. If your employer disputes your claim, your workers’ compensation attorney should help you out by collecting documentation and other evidence.
  5. On that note, be sure to keep copies of all medical documents and other paperwork that could prove to be important as your case progresses.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask your attorney for help — workers’ compensation law is complicated, but you will be better able to protect your future if you hire an attorney knowledgeable in the area of law – so hire a State Bar of Arizona Board Certified Workers’ Compensation lawyer.
  7. Don’t attempt to deal with a non-compliant employer or insurance carrier on your own. With help from your workers’ compensation attorney, things will move much more quickly.
  8. Follow through on filing your workers’ compensation claim, even if things get complicated. This is compensation you are entitled to receive and which you deserve!
  9. Talk to others who have been through the same process. They are able to be sympathetic to what is happening and may be able to share their experiences – but remember, if they aren’t attorneys they may well not be able to provide you accurate information regarding your situation.
  10. Try to remain positive. If you hire a State Bar of Arizona Board Certified Specialist workers compensation attorney the attorney is likely to be extremely skilled in the field of workers compensation law and has helped lots of people who have been injured at work. With help from your attorney, your rights will be protected.

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