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Mental Illnesses May Qualify For Social Security Disability. An Arizona Disability Attorney Explains How

Did you know that mental illnesses may qualify for social security disability? You may have thought that social security disability only applies to those with physical problems, but with help from a social security disability lawyer, you might find that a mental illness is deserving of benefits, too.

Your disability attorney will likely advise you that it can be more challenging to claim social security disability for a mental illness. This is because these conditions are harder to see and prove — it is not as immediately visible and obvious as a broken arm, for instance.

However, this does not mean that qualifying is out of the question. An experienced social security disability lawyer knows how the system works and can help you prove your case.

What mental illnesses are included under social security disability? Conditions include schizophrenia, autistic disorders, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders. Essentially, if you have a mental illness or condition that prevents you from being able to work, and it will likely last for at least a year, you may be entitled to receive social security disability.

You will need to fill out a social security disability application – either by yourself or with help from a social security attorney or representative. You will also need to provide medical records relevant to the issue. Test results, treatment notes, and other similar forms of evidence are very useful in making a successful claim.

Your disability attorney will inform you of next steps, including getting a doctor to fill out a mental illness disability form. He or she can help you source any missing information to ensure your application is as complete as possible, increasing your chances of first-time success.

If you are trying to get social security disability because of a mental condition it is vital to have the help of a social security disability lawyer. If you thought physical disability claims were complicated, you should know that mental disability claims are even more complex, and harder to win. By hiring an experienced disability attorney you are greatly increasing your chances of success so you can get the benefits you need to start living a better life, sooner.

If you have a mental condition and are finding it difficult to work, talk to an experienced social security disability lawyer. The attorneys at Schiffman Law Office, P.C., not only have a firm grasp of the legal concepts regarding social security disability, but we also understand how your disability affects your life. Contact us today.

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