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A Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney Discusses The Slip And Fall Claim

Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney Stethoscope and medical filesA slip and fall accident can happen to anyone at any time. In this article, a Phoenix personal injury attorney outlines what to do if it should happen to you or someone you love.

Common Cause of Injury

In your Phoenix personal injury lawyers’ experience, almost 9 million emergency room visits occur because the injured person slipped and fell either in the home, in a place of business or on the street or sidewalk. This sort of injury can happen to anybody at any age, but people of retirement age tend to make up 33% of such occurrences annually. This makes the slip and fall accident one of the most common means in the United States whereby people get hurt.

A Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney’s Assessment

Usually these injuries occur because those who either own or are responsible for the maintenance of the property either fail to keep the premises free of hazards or fail to warn tenants, customers, visitors or others that there are hazards present. The hazards that your Phoenix personal injury attorney most often encounters include poor lighting in stairwells or hallways, loose carpeting in which the heel of a shoe may be caught, loose floorboards or tiles, irregular floor surfaces or places where a hard flooring and carpet meet. It is up to those who own the property to see that these hazards are either corrected or signs are posted to give adequate warning. This is referred to as “duty of care.”

What To Do

The first thing any slip-and-fall victim should do is to have any injuries examined and treated by qualified medical personnel right away. Then, the victim should engage the services of a Phoenix personal injury attorney for legal counsel, advice and help.

Next Steps

Your Phoenix personal injury attorney will then begin to build your case by examining the conditions on the scene, reviewing the responsibilities of the other persons involved and determining how these were not met. Your attorney will also gather evidence to demonstrate that carelessness on the part of the other person or persons in maintaining safe conditions was the cause of your fall and subsequent injury and assess the associated damages.

Essentials of the Slip and Fall Claim

Your Phoenix personal injury attorney will examine your situation to determine whether or not it meets the following conditions.

• The property owner held the responsibility for duty of care, which is to manage the property such that safe conditions on the premises are maintained.
• This duty was not fulfilled due to the owner’s lack of diligence in either repairing any unsafe conditions or posting signs to advise anyone onsite that an existing danger is present and that care should be taken to avoid it.
• It was due to this lack of observance to duty of care that you were injured, and you sustained subsequent damages as a consequence.

A Long, Involved Process

Successfully pursuing a slip-and-fall case is neither quick nor easy. It is a drawn-out procedure that requires the attention of Phoenix personal injury lawyers who have specialized expertise in this area.

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