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A Phoenix Social Security Disability Attorney Explains How Your Credibility Is Assessed

social security disability benefits - personal injury claim formIn this article, an experienced Phoenix Social Security disability attorney discusses the data that an adjudicator will use to determine how reliable you are with regard to your Social Security disability case.

What the Adjudicator Considers

You and your Phoenix Social Security disability attorney will be required to provide certain information that the decision-maker will review in order to discern the reliability of your assertions concerning your condition, how it manifests itself and how it affects or limits what you can do. This may include:

  • Lab reports, findings from any clinical or examinations you underwent;
  • Statements concerning your condition, diagnoses and assessments from treating physicians and other medical personnel;
  • You and your Phoenix Social Security disability attorney may be asked for documents from treating medical personnel, your employer or professional colleagues, family members, friends and, if you are a student, your instructors. These statements will concern such issues as your health background, how your condition has been treated and your reactions to the treatment, your performance on the job before and after you were affected, what attempts you are making to do your job, any related information concerning how your condition impacts your work performance and how you go about your ordinary daily tasks; and
  • The adjudicator will consider information gathered by SSA workers who have spoken to you either face-to-face or through the telephone and what the adjudicator himself has noted.

Importance of Consistency

You and your Phoenix Social Security disability attorney must be certain that your accounts of your symptoms and injuries tallies well with the information gathered from others. Consistency is crucial to establishing and maintaining your reliability.

  • You and Phoenix Social Security disability lawyer must be certain that what you tell the adjudicator is in agreement with what the doctor’s reports, test and lab results and other such data have established concerning your medical condition;
  • In addition, you and your Phoenix Social Security disability attorney must also take care that you do not inadvertently contradict yourself or your case record in your own remarks. Assertions made either to treating medical personnel or to the Social Security Administration must remain consistent as they will be examined throughout the proceedings;
  • Your reports to your Phoenix Social Security disability lawyer and the adjudicator of the severity of your symptoms may reflect change as the level of pain or ability to function fluctuates as time goes on. Given that context, there can be variance between what you might have said in other claims, perhaps for VA benefits, health insurance claims, workers’ compensation and the like; and
  • Overall, the information that you and your Phoenix Social Security disability lawyer provide to the adjudicator should tally logically with data and assessments given by the professionals who are responsible for your care and who have been able to observe you as you attempt to go about ordinary tasks and meet the requirements of your job. In addition, assessments and impressions from SSA personnel or the adjudicator himself during the procedures will be taken into account.

Be Sure You Are Prepared

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