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Understanding the Listing of Impairments When Seeking Social Security Disability Benefits

Phoenix Social Security disability attorney - social security benefits formClients of a Phoenix Social Security disability attorney frequently ask how someone will be found disabled after reviewing the listing of impairments.Using two sets of regulations, the Social Security AdminFaistration (SSA) will determine whether a claimant is eligible. First, there is the Listing of Impairments. These consist of medical findings. If a claimant’s problems are on the list, it won’t be necessary to examine whether or not it’s possible for the individual to perform work they’d done in the past.

Second, there are the Medical-Vocational Guidelines. If a claimant is unable to gain benefits from the Listing of Impairments, the Medical-Vocational Guidelines will determine whether a claimant is physically limited from working.

Explaining What the Listing of Impairments Are

The Listing of Impairments are impairments of a mental and physical nature. If a claimant has an issue that is on the Listings, there will be a finding of disability and benefits likely granted. If there is a problem that is equal to one on the Listings, it’s possible for a claimant to receive benefits because of that as well.

Understanding the Role of a Doctor in Whether or Not the Claimant Will Receive a Finding of Disability

The SSA views the doctor’s findings with scrutiny; it is important that the findings are factual and not based on opinion. In other words, the SSA uses the doctor as a fact finder to provide evidence for the claimant’s problems in relation to the Listings. The SSA makes the decision whether or not the claimant meets the criteria based on the Listings. According to the SSA, doctors don’t have the required expertise to make the decision as to whether the claimant’s problems are in the Listings.

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