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We handle dog bite cases when there is insurance available to cover the dog’s owner. Bite injuries often leave scars and sometimes cause permanent physical problems. They can take a very long time to heal. Our dog bite lawyers know what to do to investigate your dog bite case, and how to show the insurance company the extent of the trauma and disfigurement the dog attack has caused so you will be properly compensated. We often consult with plastic surgeons, hand surgeons, or other types of doctors about what the future will hold after the injury heals, to make sure we can show the insurance company or jury just how bad it is.

Dog Bite Law

If you’re a dog bite victim, you may be struggling with physical injuries that can leave a lasting impact. You may have high medical bills. You may be grievously scarred and injured in a way that leaves you unable to function normally. In many cases, the dog owner is legally responsible when the dog bites someone, but Arizona law on liability for dog bite injuries has some quirks. If you delay, you may permanently lose some evidence or miss out on some advantages that Arizona law gives you. Most homeowner’s and renters’ insurance policies will cover the damages caused by dog attacks if the conditions for liability under Arizona law are met. But if you try to deal with the insurance company yourself, you won’t get fair compensation that covers all the damages you have suffered.

Dog Bite Attorneys

The insurance adjuster’s job is to try not to pay you everything you are due. You need a personal injury lawyer to get fair treatment from an insurance company. Schiffman Law Office, P.C.’s lawyers can help you with a dog bite personal injury claim and get all the money that is owed to you after a dog attack. We know the law and we will work with you to demonstrate all of your damages and we know how to make the insurance company pay you everything you deserve. If you have been bitten by a dog, get in touch with us today, and you’ll be well on your way to getting what you deserve.

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