Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith

Don’t let the insurance company profit from your loss.

In Arizona, policyholders have significant protections against insurance companies who underpay, slow pay, or deny legitimate claims.

Litigation is never pleasant. Clients that find themselves at The Schiffman Law Office are not here because they are being treated fairly by their insurance company. Insurance is a unique commodity – in exchange for money, an insured buys peace of mind. The insured counts on that peace of mind when catastrophic losses occur. Dealing with the loss is difficult on its own, when the loss is compounded by unfair, unreasonable claims handling, the client’s suffering is magnified.

The Schiffman Law Office only knows one way to litigate an insurance claim – aggressively. From the claim to litigation, constant pressure must be applied to the carrier to justify its claims handling practices and treatment of insureds

The Schiffman Law Office handles claims of all kinds, including:


  1. Life
  2. Health
  3. Disability
  4. Auto
  5. Homeowners
  6. Property & Casualty
  7. Business Owner’s Policies

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