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Qualities of the Best Personal Injury Lawyers

When it comes to finding a personal injury lawyer to represent you, it’s important that
you do a little background research into their reputation. However, besides looking at
their client reviews, trial record and accolades, you’ll want to speak to them in person to
get a better feel for who you’ll be working with as well. The following are some of the
qualities that you should look for when speaking with a personal injury lawyer:
• Great communication-You’ll want to work with an attorney that gets to the
point and that volunteers valuable information. Look for a lawyer that is able to
provide you with any answers or information that you’re requesting without
hesitation. In addition to communicating clearly, find out how easy it is to get in
touch. There’s a big difference between handing out an email address and a
personal cell number.
• Authentic concern-Good injury lawyers are in the profession to help people
and not just to make money. You can tell if they’re just trying to make money off
of you if they don’t show authentic concern for your injuries. You’ll want to work
with a lawyer that actually cares about you.
• Fearlessness-The last thing you’ll want is for your lawyer to settle for a smaller
amount than you deserve because they were afraid to go to trial. Your lawyer
should be willing to fight for you.
• Listening skills-The lawyer should pay careful attention to what you have to
say. A lawyer that asks you a lot of questions is one that is listening to what your
needs are.
These are some of the important qualities you’ll want your personal injury lawyer to
have. For a free consultation with a lawyer you can trust, contact us at Schiffman Law
Office today.

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