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Finding Long Term Disability Lawyers in the State of Arizona

If you suffer a long-term disability you may be entitled to a variety of different benefits Schiffman Law - Phoenix Social Security Disability Lawyersunder the law. Benefits may be available through workers’ compensation, a private insurance company or social security disability. To obtain and maximize your benefits, it is important to work with a lawyer who is familiar with each of these types of benefits, including long-term disability benefits.

To find a long-term disability lawyer in Arizona you should look for an attorney who has experience in handling claims with your type of medical problem(s) and should be familiar with all types of disability claims, such as workers’ compensation, social security and long term disability insurance claims. You should also ask about the attorney’s past track record of success and determine the fee arrangement.  Will the attorney handle the matter on a contingent fee (where you only pay a fee if you are awarded benefits), on an hourly fee basis, on a fixed fee basis or some combination of these?

By following these basic tips and taking the time to research and ask questions, finding a long term disability for your matter in the State of Arizona will become a much simpler task.

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