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Knowing How to Apply for Social Security Disability

Schiffman Law Office, P.C. - Social Security Benefits Claim FormIn order to receive social security disability benefits in Arizona, you have to follow very specific procedures. And if you don’t appropriately object to steps taken by the Social Security Administration that make qualifying more difficult you increase the chances that your claim will be denied. Now you might think “I’ll get it right,” but the truth is that the odds are against you. Did you know that well over half of all social security disability claims are denied on the initial application? In fact, 60 percent of them are not approved. And all it takes is one small mistake for you to fall in that unlucky 60 percent.

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How can you increase the odds of being approved for social security benefits? It’s simple, just call Schiffman Law Office, P.C. at (602) 235-0539 and we can assist you in presenting your claim, step by step. Why get denied if you don’t have to.  We can help you develop the evidence that will help increase the likelihood that your claim will be approved on your initial application.

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