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Social Security Administration Faces Tough Questions and Scrutiny After $300 Million Computer Upgrade Failure

After a scathing report about the colossal failure of a $300 million dollar six year computerPhoenix social security disability attorney man with computer upgrade, the SSA faces tough questions from congress. A Phoenix social security disability attorney explains the background behind the project and how it impacts disability claimants.

The $300 Million Dollar Boondoggle

In 2008, the SSA contracted for a major overhaul of its outdated computer system. The goal was to streamline the process for state agencies to track claims, benefits, denials and appeals. As a Phoenix social security disability attorney explains despite claims in 2008 that the project was 2-3 years from completion, it is still nowhere near ready. McKinsey & Co., a management consulting firm has been hired to review the program and get to the bottom of why the project has fallen woefully behind schedule. According to the McKinsey Report, the project, for most of the time has had no leadership or direction. The project, called the Disability Case Processing System is still unable to process new claims let alone track them once they are entered. The McKinsey Report listed 380 separate problems with the system. The House Oversight Commission is looking into whether the McKinsey Report had been covered up by the administration. The newly appointed acting director of the SSA, Carolyn Colvin has vowed to get to the bottom of the problem.

What This Means for Disability Claimants

As a Phoenix social security disability attorney can discuss, the outdated computer system is one of the many hurdles new and existing disability claimants must clear. The number of new claims is on the rise. Claimants face delays in processing even if they are ultimately awarded benefits. Those who are initially denied and wish to appeal face even further challenges. Your attorney can help you understand what to expect and can explore your best legal options for seeking compensation.

How a Phoenix Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help

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