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A Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits in Arizona

social security disability Arizona attorney - microphonesSocial security disability Arizona benefits are provided to help those who suffer from a long-term medical condition that is severe enough that the individual cannot work on a full time basis and is not doing a job that is considered to be “substantial gainful activity.” The Social Security Administration (“SSA”) oversees the social security disability programs in Arizona and, unfortunately, has a very demanding process that the disabled must go through to qualify for benefits.

The SSA requires extensive medical information when people are applying for social security disability Arizona benefits. It is not sufficient to just show you are impaired and can’t do your past work, but you also must show that you are unable to perform any work that is considered to be “substantial gainful activity.”

To make sure you are actually qualified for disability benefits under the SSA’s standard, you should consider having your case reviewed by a social security disability Arizona attorney. If you are qualified, your lawyer will help you to gather convincing evidence to prove to the SSA that you have a legal right to benefits. Call a Social Security disability Arizona attorney at Schiffman Law Office, P.C. at (602) 235-0539 today.

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