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State Agency Determinations vs. Hearing Decisions

Phoenix Social Security disability attorney SS LogoA Phoenix Social Security disability attorney can explain the various methods that a Social Security applicant can wind up receiving benefits. One meaningful difference is the manner in which a state agency and an administrative law judge approach the legal issues.

Stage Agency Determinations

A Phoenix Social Security disability attorney can explain how state agency decision makers have only the medical file on hand to review, meaning that they typically only look at medical findings when considering whether you have the ability to work. One of the key differences that a Phoenix Social Security disability attorney can explain is that state agencies use the Listing of Impairments more often to reach a decision in favor of an applicant. However, many state agency decision makers also deny many claims based on the Listing of Impairments. Your Phoenix Social Security disability attorney can also explain the disparate number of cases that they deny on this basis for individuals who are younger than age 50.

Another significant difference that a Phoenix Social Security disability attorney may point out is that state agency decision makers utilize specific formulas that are found within state agency manuals when making determinations regarding an applicant’s residual functional capacity. These formulas are used for specific medial impairments. A Phoenix Social Security disability lawyer can explain that, generally, these formulas do not usually reach a conclusion that an applicant with certain medical impairments can perform anything more than sedentary work.

Decisions by Administrative Law Judges

A Phoenix Social Security disability lawyer will discuss how administrative law judges are also required to make determinations based on the medical findings. However, these individuals usually view the medical findings as establishing basic parameters regarding a variety of possible residual functional capacity findings. These individuals are also able to weigh a claimant’s credibility from the disability hearing in order to assess the residual functional capacity that most describes an applicant’s capacity. A Phoenix Social Security disability attorney may also explain that administrative law judges are more likely to find applicants under the age of 50 disabled because they are unable to perform a range of sedentary work.

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