Why You Need a Lawyer when Seeking Long Term Disability Benefits

cropped view of man filling in Workers Compensation Accident Injury Concept

Long Term Disability (LTD) companies often don’t play fair when it comes to approving, or more aptly, denying claims. The bottom line is that they are in business to make money and therefore, paying out to every applicant is not feasible. They are well aware of every loophole that exists and every ploy to make […]

A Guide To The Social Security Disability Evaluation By An Arizona Disability Attorney

Under disability law, physicians should use the Disability Evaluation Under Social Security guidelines, sometimes known as the blue book, to evaluate their patients for disabilities. Disability Evaluation Under Social Security gives healthcare practitioners an understanding of the social security disability program, as well as information they can provide to help social security make their decisions […]

The Future of Social Security Disability and Disability Law

Changes are coming for social security disability, which is sure to mean challenges for disability law. The number of people accessing social security disability is straining the system, with projections indicating that social security disability funds will be exhausted very soon. Suggestions to fix this problem have included changing the definition of disability to make it […]

Arizona Disability Law Can Work For You If You Follow These Steps

Being injured at work is discouraging and often scary, especially if you aren’t sure what steps to take next. Workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability law are two programs that are potentially available to protect you if you are disabled from work as the result of an on the job or because of illness or disability […]

If You Have Been Denied Social Security Disability, You Need To Hear About This

Filing for social security disability is only the first step in what can be a very long process. If you are disabled from work, you need to access funds to replace lost income, but social security disability law does not always work perfectly the first time. Many people find themselves in the situation of being […]