How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Arizona

If you’ve experienced a work-related injury or illness, Worker’s Compensation can afford you the resources necessary to get back on your feet without having to worry about financial ruin. Benefits include medical care, part of your lost wages while you are recovering, and if the injury or illness has left you dealing with long-term consequences […]

The Social Security Disability Budget Is In Trouble, How Could This Affect You?

If you are disabled from work, you can access social security disability to get by, right? This may prove to be more of a challenge than you would think. The social security disability budget is in trouble. The program is facing a high rate of users, depleting available funds faster than they can be replenished. […]

If You’re Depressed, You May Qualify For Social Security Disability

If you are depressed you may find it challenging or impossible to work. You are struggling with many day-to-day aspects of your life, and could be experiencing low energy, crushing sadness, and anxiety. Not many people feel like they can call in sick for mental health reasons, let alone be considered as disabled from work, […]

Arizona Disability Law Can Work For You If You Follow These Steps

Being injured at work is discouraging and often scary, especially if you aren’t sure what steps to take next. Workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability law are two programs that are potentially available to protect you if you are disabled from work as the result of an on the job or because of illness or disability […]

If You Have Been Denied Social Security Disability, You Need To Hear About This

Filing for social security disability is only the first step in what can be a very long process. If you are disabled from work, you need to access funds to replace lost income, but social security disability law does not always work perfectly the first time. Many people find themselves in the situation of being […]