When is a Personal Injury Severe Enough for a Lawsuit?

Personal Injury Wrongful Death Image

If a personal injury caused by the negligence of someone else results in a severe injuries such as losing the ability to walk due to a car accident or brain damage due to a construction accident, it’s easy to see why these would be valid claims. However, what if your injury still causes you pain […]

What if I am a 1099 Contractor and I get injured?

Many people go to work with the assumption that workers compensation will be there for them if they become injured. But what if you are an independent contractor rather than a permanent employee? In most cases, true independent contractors are not able to qualify for workers compensation. However, if you are a 1099 contractor and […]

Differences Between a Work Injury Claim and Personal Injury Claim

Work injury claims and personal injury claims are both cases dealing with pain and suffering, but they vary in many ways. Workers compensation cases are not based on fault, whereas a case you argue with a personal injury lawyer is — in a personal injury case, you have to prove negligence or other fault in order […]

Arizona: Scar on Neck Qualifies for Facial/Head Disfigurement Award

A ruling in an Arizona appellate court indicated that a neck scar could qualify for a facial or head disfigurement award, something people who have experienced neck injuries might be glad to hear. The court upheld workers compensation for a truck driver who ended up with a five inch scar on his neck after being […]

How to Choose the Right Onset Date for Your Disability Claim

The onset date for your social security disability claim is very important. This date indicates when your disability began, for the purposes of your claim. When considering the date, you should factor in issues like back benefits and medical evidence. A Phoenix accident attorney can be a big help in determining this date. Getting legal […]