Do I qualify for both V.A. benefits and Social Security disability benefits?

It is possible to qualify for both VA benefits and social security disability benefits, depending on your personal circumstances. If you are a veteran who thinks you may qualify for both, it is important to get legal help from a social security disability attorney so you can fully understand your options. In some cases, getting […]

How Much Can I Earn and Still Collect Social Security Disability?

Many people do not know that you can earn money and still collect social security disability payments. If you want to work, and still collect social security disability, you should discuss the situation with a social security disability attorney for personalized legal advice. The rules for earning money while receiving social security disability revolve around […]

Have You Worked Enough to Qualify for Disability?

Getting social security disability insurance depends on how much you have worked, as this determines your insured status. The social security administration (SSA) will look at the number of quarters of coverage you have earned from your work in the years before filing to determine if you have contributed enough to the system to draw benefits from […]

5 Reasons VETS Should Apply For Social Security Disability

Veterans seeking legal advice from a social security disability attorney may be advised to apply for social security disability benefits, for a few good reasons. 1. Two Types of Benefits Veterans who qualify for social security disability benefits will receive them, as well as any veterans benefits they may already be receiving. They are able […]

How to Choose the Right Onset Date for Your Disability Claim

The onset date for your social security disability claim is very important. This date indicates when your disability began, for the purposes of your claim. When considering the date, you should factor in issues like back benefits and medical evidence. A Phoenix accident attorney can be a big help in determining this date. Getting legal […]

Why You Need an Attorney for Your Social Security Disability Claim

Acquiring legal help dramatically improves your chances of winning your social security disability claim. At the hearing level, the social security disability claim of an applicant represented by a social security disability attorney is more likely to be approved than the claim of an unrepresented individual.  We have been more successful than the national average for claims […]

When To Talk to a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Be sure to contact a social security disability attorney as soon as possible in regard to a disability claim, because the benefits of legal help far outweigh the costs. Even if you are only thinking about filing for disability, you can avail yourself of legal help in the form of a free consultation. A social […]

Questions about Disability Lawyers and Hiring a Disability Lawyer

At Schiffman Law Office, P.C., we have the experience to help you on your social security disability claim if you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Read on for answers to the most common questions regarding social security disability lawyers and the legal help they provide. Q: What can social security disability lawyers do for my […]

I was denied Social Security Disability … What Can I Do?

If you are denied Social Security Disability or SSI benefits your first step is to request an appeal. If you are in this situation, seriously consider the benefits of acquiring legal help from an experienced social security disability attorney in Phoenix AZ. Requesting an appeal must be done within 60 days of the date of receipt of […]