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The Future of Social Security Disability and Disability Law

Changes are coming for social security disability, which is sure to mean challenges for disability law.

The number of people accessing social security disability is straining the system, with projections indicating that social security disability funds will be exhausted very soon.

Suggestions to fix this problem have included changing the definition of disability to make it more difficult to qualify, reducing benefits, and raising taxes.

Many people believed that Congress would move some of the Social Security retirement funds into the social security disability program, something that has happened numerous times in the past, going in both directions.  However, Congress has not gone this direction and many in Congress have indicated that this will not happen unless additional, more permanent changes are made at the same time.

Why is the future so bleak for social security disability? As the population ages, increasing numbers of people are relying on social security disability benefits. More people are eligible for funds due to demographic shifts, and the eligibility age for full benefits has raised leaving people on disability for longer amounts of time.  Additionally, there is a question whether the funding of the program has been adequate.

The future is not very clear, but it is obvious that something must be done to keep social security disability afloat. Whether that is completely dismantling the program and rebuilding it, or addressing things like eligibility and size of benefits, is something that cannot be predicted. Different groups are hoping for varying outcomes, but anyone needing social security disability can agree that it is important these benefits keep coming to the people who need them to survive.

If clients are no longer eligible, or are facing changes in eligibility rules, a social security disability lawyer must work with them to determine what to do next. Denials may become more commonplace and acceptances will likely require more stringent documentation. And, if the whole system becomes something brand-new, disability law will change to accommodate it, meaning each social security disability lawyer must be familiar with everything that is new or different in order to do their best work for clients.

If you currently rely on social security disability, or think you may need it in the future, you should pay attention to changes in the social security disability system and law.

If you already have social security disability benefits or are planning to apply for benefits, Schiffman Law Office, P.C., can help you better understand how these changes impact your claim. Contact us to speak with an experienced member of our disability law team concerning any social security adjustments you may have.

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