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The Work-Related Injury Blue Collar Workers Need to Watch Out For

A lot of folks think that when you get hurt on the job, it means something came crashing down on you, or you fell off a ladder. However, when you start developing injuries that a related to your job, which can consist of soar writs, achy knees, swollen joints, or even a stiff back this is actually classified as a work-related injury known as musculoskeletal disorder (MSD). Most often, MSD is developed from blue-collar type work as proven by the work foundation stating in 2015, that 29% of all work-related injuries stemmed from MSD.

Cause of MSD

Looking at all the workers who were affected by MSD the top job sufferers included those who worked wholesale and retail warehousing, construction-related fields, textile workers and assembly line positions. MSD main cause is from:

  • Repetitious Movements: Repeating the same task over and over again.
  • Overexertion: Straining the back by lifting heavy boxes and lifting in awkward positions.
  • Extreme Working Conditions: This results when workers work in extreme cold or extremely hot weather conditions over long periods of time.

Prevention is the Best Alternative against MSD

Employers have a responsibility to their employees that include their safety and well being. Employers who have employees who typically are involved in one of the situations mentioned above take appropriate steps to prevent injury. Looking at this closer when we see the following preventions:

  • Repetitious Movements: Warm-up exercises should be performed routinely on the job, before work, and during the course of breaks for prevention.
  • Overextension Situations: Employers need to implement proper machinery that can take the heavy load off the strain of each employee to prevent MSD.
  • Extreme Working Conditions: This needs to be handled by ensuring employees are dressed accordingly. In terms for cold extreme an employee needs to be properly dressed and when sick needs to get rest accordingly. In the hot extreme, an employee needs to have adequate hydration and allotted breaks to continue working properly.


If you happen to be a blue-collar worker and are working within an environment that would support a MSD-related injury this needs to be addressed. Employers should be taking care of their best asset, and those are the workers. If you are experiencing MSD like symptoms and your employer is ignoring your requests for help, we advise you to contact a law firm that has your best interest at heart.


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