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Top Reasons Why People Get Denied Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits - Top reasons for denialSocial Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDIB) and/or Supplemental Security Income Benefits (SSI) are supposed to provide income to people who suffer from  medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that prevent them from working for 12 months or longer or are expected to result in death. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies many claims for benefits, leaving many people without the income they need. There are many reasons for SSA denials, but some of the top reasons include the following:

  • Your disability has not or will not last long enough. The SSA provides no short-term disability benefits. Your condition must have lasted for a year, be expected to last that long or be likely to result in your death.
  • Your disability does not meet or equal a listed impairment.  The SSA has a  listing of various impairments that are usually considered severe enough to entitle you to benefits. If your condition is not on that list or you do not have all of the required findings your claim may be denied.
  • You are able to return to one of the jobs you did in the last 15 years, although not as you performed the job—but rather, as others do the job.
  • You do not have objective medical evidence to fully account for all of your  symptoms.
  • You have not provided or obtained sufficient medical proof to establish the nature and severity of your impairment(s). The SSA requires medical proof of your condition and, to a certain extent,your symptoms. It is best if this information  comes from your treating physician, especially if s/he is a specialist.

These are just a few of the many reasons for disability benefits denials. If your claim has been denied, a Social Security disability attorney may be able to assist you in appealing the denial and getting the benefits you deserve. Call Schiffman Law Office, P.C. at (602) 235-0539 for a free consultation now!

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