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Unconventional, Non-Medical Evidence That Can Help You Win Social Security Disability

To make a social security disability claim, you will need to have various forms of evidence. Your attorney can give you specific legal advice about what is best in your situation, but when you prepare to file your claim, you should know that your case might be improved by non-medical evidence.

The best social security disability lawyers factor in every bit of evidence that can help their clients. Obviously, medical evidence plays a huge role in a social security disability case, as it shows the extent of your injury or disability in a clear manner.

However, medical evidence alone may not show the full extent of your disability and how it is affecting your life. The best social security disability lawyers will want to clearly show just how much your workplace injury or disability has impacted your ability to function and work.

Non-medical evidence helps fill in the blanks in these cases. Your attorney can help you collect things like work records, which will add on to the medical evidence proving your claim. For instance, if your work records show various personal days and sick days taken over the years, or sporadic vacation days used mid-week, it can help establish a pattern showing that you were too ill to come into work. Your work records can also show a long term pattern, if you were previously able to attend work regularly and consistently but are now struggling due to an illness or injury.

Non-medical evidence can also include written submissions from people in your life. This can include statements from former co-workers or employers, who have seen you on the job and understand how your injury has impacted your ability to work. You could also collect statements from friends and family members who can attest to the effect of your injury on your life.

If you are attempting to prove a social security disability claim, it is important to talk to an attorney about all of the different types of evidence that can help. This should be a part of a consultation you have to receive legal advice, so that you know what to expect when you move forward with your case. Social security disability lawyers are there to help you through the legal system, and to help you receive disability benefits.

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