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Understanding Types of Disability Insurance in Arizona

If you have been injured, it’s important to understand the different kinds of disability insurance in Arizona. If you’re facing obstacles obtaining your due insurance payouts, don’t give up. Contact the Arizona disability lawyers at Schiffman Law Firm.


Short for Supplemental Security Income, this is a form of need-based assistance for low-income individuals. Unlike SSDI, it has nothing to do with your work history but instead is based off your finances. In order to qualify, you must have less than $2,000 in assets ($3,000 for couples), not counting your house and one vehicle. You should know that you are allowed to earn income while on SSI without necessarily losing your SSI benefits.


Short for Social Security Disability Insurance, this federal benefit program receives funding from your company’s payroll taxes. You qualify for this form of disability insurance if you (or, in some cases, a family member) have worked a set number of years while contributing to the Social Security trust. You might be eligible to collect both SSI and SSDI at the same time.

Short Term Disability

Short term disability pays you at least a portion of income for what is considered a short period of time before requiring you to re-apply. The length of time depends on the plan but can vary between nine weeks and one year. The difference between short-term disability insurance and worker’s comp: worker’s comp requires a work-related injury for you to be eligible, but you can collect short-term disability payments for any injury that renders you unable to work. Your employer might offer short term disability as a benefit. If not, you can buy an individual policy from a private insurer.

Long Term Disability

After your short term disability benefits expire, long term disability pays you a portion of your income for a set number of years. The amount you receive depends on the insurance company’s policies, and also the extent of the injury and recovery time.

Should your place of business, insurance provider or the individual responsible for your injury fail to provide you with the necessary financial reimbursement for your medical needs, lost wages and suffering, the Schiffman Law Firm is here to help. Before you accept any settlement, make sure to reach out and contact us today.

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