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What Are the Ten Things I Need to Do If I Suffer a Work Related Injury?

Being injured on the job can be scary and painful at the same time, and many of us are not sure how we should respond, or what we should do if we suffer a work-related injury. You should realize that there are several actions you can take if you’ve been injured at work.  Here are ten steps you can take if you suffer an injury at work:

1. Make An Accident Report

Report the accident to your employer immediately, even if you think you’re not seriously injured. This will protect you against the employer who may claim that you got hurt away from the workplace.

2. Ensure Your Supervisor Prepares an Accident Report

If the supervisor can’t prepare a company accident report, consider writing a letter stating the facts of the injury and hand a copy of the letter to him. Be sure to keep a record of when you handed the letter to your supervisor.

3. Overcome Fear

While many fail to report their injuries for fear of retaliation from their employer, you shouldn’t let fear ruin your chances of being compensated.

4. See a Doctor

It’s imperative to see a doctor immediately for a serious injury. Otherwise, consider asking your employer if you’re required to see a particular doctor, or if you’re free to choose any doctor.

5. Follow All Medical Directions

Otherwise, your employer might claim that you opted not to get proper care, and you can end up losing your compensation

6. Document Every Significant Contact You’ve With Anyone

Keep notes of every contact you have with your supervisors, doctors, insurance company agents, etc. concerning your injury.

7. Know Your Co-workers

This is essential as your workmates are your most reliable witnesses as to the occurrence of an injury as well as the cause.

8. What if Your Employer Refuses to Pay?

If this happens for any reason, you’ll require an arbitration hearing with workers’ compensation board concerning the issue.

9. Seek Legal Help

If things prove challenging, consult a workers’ compensation lawyer.

10. You Can’t Sue your Employer for Pain and Suffering

If your employer has followed the legal steps for your injury, then they are protected from you trying to sue them.


Everyone hates to think about what would happen if they’re seriously injured on the job, but since serious accidents do happen in the workplace, you must know what to do.

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