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What If I Have to Keep Working after My on The Job Accident?

Our jobs are important to each of us, but what happens when you get hurt at work? You have rights as an individual, and you should know these rights and what your employer can and can’t do. Today, we will be talking about these rights in further detail. Let’s get started!

When the Injury Occurs

When the injury occurs at your work you should report it to your supervisor. The supervisor’s duty is to make a company report about this accident. You shouldn’t wait as you only have 90 days to file a claim you were hurt. If your supervisor is unwilling to help you, it is advisable to keep track of what happened and what has been effected whether that is physical and or emotional pain.

Proceed to the Doctor

Most companies have their own company doctor or medical company, they have chosen through corporate insurance. Its best to go to this doctor after your medical report has been filed.

If your company doesn’t have a listed doctor, visit your private doctor and state your case. After the check-up, your doctor will afterwards make a report. If you can’t go back to your work because of injury, your doctor will then issue a medical certificate that you can provide your employer to justify your absence for work.

When it’s Safe to Return to Your Job

After a certain period of time, your doctor will assess your condition, whether you are now able to return to work or not yet. If not, your doctor will give an order to your employer and to workers’ compensation representative to work on your insurance benefits while you are injured.

If you are able to work but still unable to perform 100% of the duty, your doctor will order a restriction that you and your employer should follow. Your employer cannot force you to return to work at an earlier date as this goes against medical advice.


After an accident on the job, it’s best to follow medical advice because your doctor has your health in mind in order for you to recover properly. Doctor’s restrictions should be followed, and your employer cannot force you to go back to work prematurely. You have rights to workers’ compensation benefits when you get hurt as you should take your health seriously. To learn more about actions you can take after you are injured on the job contact us.


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